Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Okay I've got a new goal in life!

 In 2 years time imma finish my degree in Early Childhood Education,
 but actually my real interest lies within the land of the rising sun.
So why not kill 2 birds with one stone??

 here's my story : I just found out about a teaching exchange programme that sends people to Japan to teach English! Σ(・□・;)
Minimum requirement: have studied in a degree programme for at least 3 years. And guess what?

Japanese language proficiency not even required!! But guess what again?
 I can speak, read and write Japanese!! イェイツ!
And i even have passed level 2 in JlPT! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

 So for now I'll keep my eyes on this programme until I graduate from uni.. But seriously that's my life goal after my degree, if I pass the interviews I can secure myself a job in Japan for at least 1 year, hopefully more! 頑張るよ!

'right, imma go make myself a huge poster to paste on my wall now.

 *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

Monday, May 16, 2011

another day, another quiet day on campus

good news n bad news.
the freshman camp has finally finished!!! gosh was it a freaking tiring busy camp. 150 students suddenly appeared in my quiet campus in bukit khor. well, not SO sudddenly, i got at least a 1 month's notice XD
but it was a rili nice experience i must say. my campus hasn't got the chance to host such a 'huge' event before. oooh, but i'm not forgetting aaallll the drama involved.
the bad news is, the campus is back to being quiet n isolated, away from civilisation again....LOL...n i also learnt a lot of negative things about my fellow student council members, which i didn't want to know. come on guys, i know u r lazy but power hungry, but please don make it so obvious la! sakit mata memandang....
oh n sneaking away food from the canteen is deeply unappreciated. so many of my campers went hungry.

okay, back to the main point.
i did my best in helping the organising committee make sure that the camp went on smoothly. just wished some1 had noticed that..=_="
i guess it's my strength n weakness too-being low profiled & too kind. craps.
and i hate it when people always speak louder than their actions. n also those who only see these "loud speakers" as hardworking and helpful. LOL

well, life's like that! gonna learn to live with it or else i'll end up in a prison somewhere for murder. XD

but then i won't say that i was giving my 110% for this camp too. i admit it, i'm lazy too..haha..n running ard for d whole day wasn't helping at all. but i tried..to make up for my laziness. hope it was enough ^_<*

when the camp was going on during the weekend. i was really wishing for it to finish asap. waking up early, layan-ing the always-complaining-campers, dashing up n down getting things done, late-night meetings, etc etc.....
but then now that the campus is back to what it was before, i suddenly felt a bit overwhelmed by the serenity. all the faces, all the noises, all the activites going on non-stop actually made me forget about my miseries for a while. i don have much miseries, but small routines like figuring out what to do next in this boring jungle...how to finish my assignment, and even brushing my hair n teeth seems like the least important thing to do at that moment.

i actually do miss the hectic camp. hope i'll get the chance to get involved in another one, but not anytime soon please! toodles!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

one simple message to warm me up

The world doesn't need
more mountains to climb,
more seas to cross,
or more stars to shine.

what the world needs is only
more of you. <3 <3 <3

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

underground love?

being in love is a good thing, but being in love in secret? hmmm...
okay okay, it't not that much of a secret, but we both agreed that this relationship should be in low profile...lol..
he's a medic student, from a kinda-strict-family.
i'm an education student, from a not-so-strict-family.
but i can tell he's what i've been searching for. myb it's too early to say that we're made for each other, but i can't help it but try to convince myself that he's THE one.. ^^

he makes me smile w/o even trying to, and i make him smile whenever he's tired.
he makes me worry when he plays too much Dota, and i make him worry whenever i MIA.
he makes me cry by making me watch sad movies with him, n i make him cry...zero times
he makes me feel like i'm needed, n i make him feel that i really care for him(ihope)

it has been a short four months, but it feels like we've known each other for a long long time. the 1st time i talked to him i can't stop myself from smiling and the 1st time we exchanged phone no i can't help it but feel shy again..
i'm having my sem break now, which means i can't see him much ( i usually see him on campus everyday) which is actually a good thing, cos it makes me miss him more..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

halloweeeeeeeeeeeen !!!!

so it all started with a crazy idea from lycia....
"guys let's throw a halloween party after the finals!!"
everyone was like...yeah ok! u do it! lol
me, lycia n shirley helped organise an awesome not-so-scary halloween party last nite ^^V

to come to think of it, i used to organise the librarian board's annual farewell party when i was in secondary school. so this not-so-scary party brings back a lot of memories -some bad some worse- looool.
but i guess the experiece helped....a bit...

so i did d proposal, timetable, budgeting, doorgifts, prizes, food, bla bla bla....
but the worst thing to kao tim is GETTING PPL TO COME!
u must b thinking, it's a party, of course everyone will come!!
let me paint u a picture.......
most of the students here r medics......meaning their first rule in life is: can't have a social life. =_=" no party, no dating, no shopping, no movies, no outings.......not even sleeping sometimes.
i mean come on.....doctors! contribute a lil bit to ur uni activities!!!
i'm starting to think taking up the event coordinator pose is a BAAAAAD idea T_T
second picture......."NO COSTUME LAHHH~~~~~~~~~"
*knocking head on wall*
of course u don have a costume!! halloween is the time when u start making one!! baaakaaaa >(

all in all, selling the tickets was a pain in the you-know-where, but luckily for me, it's a small uni n i managed to corner all the pelarians n start waving the tickets in front of their faces.
and YES, the bought it! *peace*

soooooo....mission#1 accomplished!
mission#2 shopping! no problem la! sap sap sui, jus walk into mydin n giant. grab all the junk food n candies, grab drinks, grab the prizes n pay. (no i din grab the hot salesman, not for sale apparently, LOL)

mission#3 decorating! spent a whole weekend in my hostel for this...T_T draw draw draw, cut cut cut, paste paste paste. kao tim!

mission#4 food!! i cooked spagetti for them! n guess wat colour it was?? red? no...it's GWEEEEN!! hahaha! halloween rocks man...wat else...uhm..drinks checked, plates checked, cake checked...we're ready to go!!

mission#5 my own makeup!! this is definitely the best part! cos i get to wear the yukata again, n paint my face as much as i want w/o ppl staring n saying that i'm cucckoo XD

so the time finally arrived, everyone came in surprisingly AWESOME COOL SCARY AMAZING FUNNY CUTE costumes!!!! oh LOVE U GUYS!!! this is the only reason the party was a hit!
there were devils, chucky's bride, joker, freddie, mario, witches, wizards, zombies, japanese ghost(me!), zorro, etc etc. go check out the photos on ma facebook------>Micky Koo

mission#6 games! phewww~~~this was HARD T_T....but we managed to set up the games n everyone was rili sporting n joined in!
we played 'fishing', where pieces of breads r tied to a broomstick, hung on a high place, n u gotta bite the bread off w/o hands!
next was the tour around campus....with only a few candles in pumpkins to share among everyone!! hahaha, after that they had to go treasure hunting! me n han hid lots of oranges n apples around the 1st floor of the hostel ( no one stays there). n then we hid in the toilet, waiting for d victims to come..hehehehe...i can smell fear~~~~~~
n lastly, prize giving for best costumes!!

of course, the party drained all the 30% energy i had after running around n ordering ppl to have fun. bwahahaha XD
i rili rili loved their costumes!! <3>
wanna do this again next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

early morning blogger

time : 7.41am
venue : hostel room

i know the all-famous saying : the early bird gets the worm...
but i see 2 problems in this now
1. i'm NOT a bird or a chicken
2. there's no 'worm' lying around for me pun!!

well...it's mother's day today, wanna wish my darling mummy and all the other mothers out there!!!

hia hia hia......it's my 1st time racing some one to see who's the earliest to get to class this morning...n victory is sweet!!!!
btw...class starts at 9

signing off..........

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

yamcha relay!

well..ystdy i went out with my beloved high school fren-pangz!
it was jus the 2 of us * pathetic* cos everyone else is either bz studying or staying about 600km+ away from us..T_T n pangz is sooo 'lucky' his holiday is sooo 'special' and he ends up in kay tee with jus me -the sibeh free gal-

the REAL reason why i would go have dinner with oangz is bcos he promised to treat me! *evil*
hehehe....so we went to a restaurant, had dinner, talk, call and harass yomg ming, n talk again. LOL by the time we finish it was jus like 9pm! so jus like any typical teenegers..9pm is jus TOO EARLY for us to go back home. if we DID decide to go home, both of us r going to go online n chat to each other again! *sienz*

soo....he got car+i got car= go yamcha again somewhere else!
as you all know, kay tee's entertainment outlet is either karaoke, bowling, go batu buruk, or limteh. so at 9pm the only choice we had is limteh la of course!
so we drove around to another cafe n tried to call all available frens at kay tee.....and at the end of the night...there were.....3 of us!!!! yay! *high fives* hahahaha....
we managed to call ONE more fren to leave the comfort of HOME and come limteh with us ^0^
having nothing else to do,..we wanted to go lim all of kay tee's teh...but then we can't afford to drink anymore teh....so balik lor...let's leave the limteh part to another boring weekend!

tat's all fot now!
signing off